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We use a wide range of decoys. We start in early season with full body decoys: Hardcore decoys, Big Foot decoys, Green Head decoys and Outlaw silhouettes. We have them all.We hunt decoyed birds and not pass shooting birds our decoys are set up at 25 yards. As the seasons progress into the migration period we also use our Carry Lite Super Magnums decoys. 

Because we shoot at close range we recommend using Kent fast steel 3 inch # 1 or equivalent.

Waterproof camouflage garment and boots

Dogs are permitted, but must be under control
at all times.


Thank You for considering our family for your next goose hunt adventure!

We specialize and take pride in our Canada Geese and Duck hunts. We have thousands of acres of prime hunting land that are leased yearly, located on numerous different farms. Therefore, rotating from different farms prevents burn-outs.
We are always prepared to be at the best location to maximize our hunts.
We drive from our home farm to our destination farm area. We are completely portable with a trailer full of decoys, blinds for any situation, and a 600 polaris ATV to bring you from the farm to the field.

The most  popular blinds are fence row blinds which are made with fast grass to be used in ditches and fence rows; cedars are used for tree lines. The blinds are completely portable. Therefore, they can be placed anywhere to hide 6 to 8 people. As the year progresses, layout blinds are used for the most experienced hunters as the birds are more sophisticated and harder to decoy.