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Marcel Viau~Owner/Operator


Marcel Viau

I am Marcel Viau and I reside in Cornwall. I am the owner and operator of Wildlife Pit Blinds Outfitters. I am married to Diane who is understanding when it comes to hunting. I am also the father of two lovely teenage girls; one as a third generation hunter who started hunting with me.
I started hunting at the age of 13 with my dad an avid duck hunter on the St. Lawrence river. I learned very early in my life from my dad how to be a successful waterfowl hunter. Always taking pride and time in my set up and the quality of a hunt to be a successful hunter. I started hunting geese with my family and friends in the early 1980's.
Finding the passion of hunting geese, I wanted to expose how great it is to goose hunt to new-comers. I started outfitting in 1985 in the Ingleside area. I learned, from guided friends, how to call with a Tim Ground flute call which I still use today.
In the past few years, I was involved in a few successful television shows called "The Anglers and Hunters" show and the "Outdoors Adventure" show. That raised my business to a higher level.

I am involved in local conservation projects such as aiding the ministry of natural resources to band local resident geese in the Upper Canada area. I am also a proud sponsor of Ducks Unlimited.